We have family dog kennel. Our main field is training and breeding of GSP and bracco italiano, but we also own different breeds and train different pointers.

First German Shorthaired Pointer came to us in 1994 - he was a beautiful brown and white GSP named Brok. We got him as an adult - 2 y.o. dog.  He was extremely malnutritioned when we got him (he spent his first 2 years in a dog house of a size 3x3m), he didn't know anything - he had no idea what grass was, what river was (he was even afraid to cross a bridge). Of course he didn't know any commands, no collar & leash nor wildlife. Even though the beginnings were hard, tragicomical stories everyday - after 6 months Brok was able to maintain basic obedience, great searching and retrieving. He fell in love with water and he was able to throw himself sticks and then retrieve them.

Brok showed us how beautiful it is to watch a pointer in the field, the goosebumps when he's pointing wildlife, the endless energy - but we also understood that happy pointer needs time and space.

We spend most of our free time with our dogs and they give us unforgettable memories in return.

Our men and dog pack lives in the northernmost part of the Czech Republic. We have beautiful fields, ponds, reed and forests all around - ideal for pointers. Unfortunately there is not enough small wildlife which lead us to starting our own mini farm with pheasants, quails, pigeons, ducks and rabbits for training and other poultry, cats, peacocks and pigs for fun.

We are enjoying life with our dogs to the fullest, we have many beautiful and unforgettable experiences and thanks to our dogs we have met many - similarly crazy - friends and acquaintances.

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