CzCH, PLCH,  Cz. Grand.CH, CH.ČMKU

BIG3, Best working dog II., IV

 3xBOB, 5xBOS, 2xNV, 5xCACIB, 3xres.CACIB, 14xCAC/CWC, 3x Anw.dtch.vdh. everytime excelent

 Assira od Jizerského splavu

(Basco vom Osterberg X Percy z Cidlinovy Špičky)

Deutche kurzhaar, born 17.5.2013

2x CACT (ZV a VZ)

20 exams of hunting and trials (5xWinner, 2xsecond place, 4x 3th place)

Winner of  field exam, autumn field and retrieving exam, forest exam, tracking exam, special water exam
 Viky , Victoria, was named after the 'V' on her forehead and also after the 'Crazy Victoria' from an old Czech novel. She's an incredible hunter a dog that connects you with nature. She never goes just for a run - she's always trying to find, show, mark wildlife - ever since she was a puppy she was directing deer towards me, bringing me rotten moles, mice, birds, rotten skull of a wild pig, stinky cow bone, or a used toilet paper.
Later on she grew into a good looking and great working bitch, we usually finish in the top places at the competitions and every training, hunting or just a walk is an adventure. It's a great luck to have such dog.


Andrea a Pavel Marešovi
Nové Hraběcí 41
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